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Return of Spirit Cards
by Harnish, Cheryl Lee
CDN Retail $19.95



Magazine SageWoman #84

SageWoman #84




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May & June
Quanta Top 10

Do You Know Dave Large?!

Dave Large


Dave Large is a Master Clinical Hypnotherapist, Professional Keynote Speaker, and Author, who has more than 20 years of high-level experience in hypnosis and personal therapy.
David is the President of the Canadian Hypnotherapy Association and one of the owners of the Vancouver Island School of Hypnosis. For the past 12 years, David has been a highly sought-after professional keynote speaker, seminar presenter, and hypnotherapist, speaking throughout Canada.
David is the author of: Creative Meditation, The Key To Self Discovery. David Large has top selling CD's Freedom and Creating Abundance are just a few. Make changes NOW in YOUR MIND to have anything YOU want! 


Freedom CD                 Deep Sleep CD

  Freedom                                    Deep Sleep

CD                                                  CD 

by Large, Dave                                by Large, Dave

IH0001CD                                       IH0002CD 
Island Hypnosis                                Island Hypnosis 
CDN Retail $19.95                           CDN Retail $19.95 


See here for all the items by Dave Large!


NEW from
Simple Dream Publishing Inc.!


Simple Dream Publishing is a publisher of stationery items and home lifestyle books. They publish books and items that make a positive contribution to the life of those who buy them, by offering practical and functional products with a distinct aesthetic appeal, thereby adding a touch of art and beauty to everyday life.


Journal Small Wolf                 Journal Small Flight

 Wolf                                           Flight

Small Journal                                 Small Journal 

9781770752832                         9781770752825 

 Simple Dream Publishing Inc.         Simple Dream Publishing Inc.

CDN Retail $8.95                         CDN Retail $8.95 


Journal Large Spring's Finale (Dragonfly)              Journal Large Medicine Ground      

Spring's Finale (Dragonfly)             Medicine Ground          

Large Journal                                  Large Journal  

9781770752870                          9781770752887 

Simple Dream Publishing Inc.          Simple Dream Publishing Inc.

  CDN Retail $12.95                        CDN Retail $12.95  


NEW from
Douglas Blue Feather!


Douglas Blue Feather, who's ancestry includes American Indian, Iberian, and European, is an internationally known recording artist and performer of music featuring the Native American flute. Recognized as one of the most prolific and accomplished flutists of today, he has released 16 CDs which have been heard on radio stations worldwide.


In addition to more traditional sounding CDs such as "Flute Medicine",  Douglas often utilizes more modern contemporary instrumentation to accompany the flute. Whether traditional or contemporary in style, Doug's music touches the heart and soul of those drawn to the beauty of the Native American flute.


Dawn of a New Light (CD)

Dawn of a New Light



Douglas Blue Feather

CDN Retail $17.95


Flute Medicine (CD)            Earth Songs (CD)

Flute Medicine                            Earth Songs   

CD                                                CD 

SHR2012CD                                  SHR2011CD 

Douglas Blue Feather                      Douglas Blue Feather 

  CDN Retail $17.95                        CDN Retail $17.95  


NEW from


Wonder Wings 12pc POP Prepack              Encouraging Words Garden Pieces 28pc Assortment

    Wonder Wings 12pc          Encouraging Words Garden

       POP Prepack                    Pieces 28pc Assortment

Sidelines                                        Statuary    

AS-13700                                    AS-12500    
AngelStar                                      AngelStar    
CDN Retail $82.80                      CDN Retail $448.50    


Sentiment Collection Photo Frame - Hope           Sapphire Floral 13in Square Ripple Plate    

Sentiment Collection - Hope         Sapphire Floral 13"      

     Photo Frame                              Square Ripple Plate

AS-13365                                     AS-19113

AngelStar                                       AngelStar 

CDN Retail $23.00                        CDN Retail $30.80 

See here for all the AngelStar items!


New Tumbled Stones in Stock! 

TS Argonite Lg 200g              TS Tiger Eye Red M 200g

   Argonite Lg 200g                 Tiger Eye Red M 200g
  Tumbled Stones                             Tumbled Stones  
K00277                                        K00276
Qnaturals                                       Qnaturals
CDN Retail $30.00                         CDN Retail $20.00

TS Serpentine M 300g               TS Angelite M 300g

Serpentine M 300g                     Angelite M 300g
  Tumbled Stones                              Tumbled Stones
  K00278                                        K00280
 Qnaturals                                      Qnaturals
CDN Retail $30.00                        CDN Retail $30.00
TS Magnesite M 150g               TS Opalite M 300g
Magnesite M 150g                        Opalite M 300g   
Tumbled Stones                              Tumbled Stones
 K00281                                          K00279 
Qnaturals                                         Qnaturals
CDN Retail $18.00                           CDN Retail $36.00
Now Available from Quanta! 

One of a Kind


Geodes, Spheres, stones from across Canada and Gem Quality Crocoite from Tasmania and Preseli Bluestone from the same mine as the Stonehenge stones are from.


These items were hand picked by Laura Buckley. Laura has worked at Quanta for four years and has recently completed a five level Crystal Healing Course. She is also a  Zenith Omega Practitioner, Reiki Master, Spirit Clearer, Animal Communication and Healing Circle Facilitator. Our customers find Laura a wonderful resource for any questions crystal related.

  Polished Lemurian Chlorite Phantom (4x2x2 5/8)           Point Rose Quartz (11 1/4Hx3 1/4x2)
Polished Lemurian                                   Point            
Chlorite Phantom                             Rose Quartz     
    4" x 2" x 2 5/8"                             11 1/4" x 3 1/4" x 2"
Stones                                               Stones 
K00242                                            K00248 
One of a Kind                                     One of a Kind 
CDN Retail $266.00                           CDN Retail $384.00 
  Geode #16 Agate (4Wx5H)           Sulfur Quartz Cluster (5Wx4Dx2 1/2H)

   Geode #16 Agate                     Sulfur Quartz Cluster
      4" x 5"                                      5" x 4" x 2 1/2"
Stones                                              Stones 
GEODE16                                          K00238  
One of a Kind                                   One of a Kind
  CDN Retail $56.00                          CDN Retail $140.00 

New Releases for August

One Creator (CD)             Tibet-Lam La Che (CD)
        One Creator                      Tibet - Lam La Che
CD                                               CD
by Kaur, Krishna                               by Techung    
CDS004434                                  EUCD2462
Spirit Voyage Music                             ARC Music     
 CDN Retail $19.95                       CDN Retail $19.95

Shamanic Visioning (6CD) AUG13            Angel Ouija Board
Shamanic Visioning                          Angel            
      CD                                        Ouija Board
by Ingerman, Sandra                                                  
9781622030897                               FG2408       
Sounds True                                Fantasy Gifts
CDN Retail $69.95                      CDN Retail $27.75

Upcoming Titles for September

   Essential Doreen Virtue Collection              Nadur (CD)
Essential Doreen                                                       
Virtue Collection                               Nadur            
Book                                               CD      
 by Virtue, Doreen                                by Clannad          
 9781401944254                                EUCD2471          
 Hay House, Inc.                                  ARC Music         
CDN Retail $29.95                         CDN Retail $19.95     

Day of Life (CD)               Daytime Dreamer (CD) 
    Day of Life                              Daytime Dreamer
CD                                                   CD  
 by Koch, Bernward                              by Akram, Omar     
RM2740CD                                       RM7454CD  
Real Music                                        Real Music  
CDN Retail $17.95                           CDN Retail $17.95  
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